Copy Microcontroller ATMEL AT89C51CC03CA-7CTUM

We can UNLOCK MICROCONTROLLER ATMEL AT89C51CC03CA-7CTUM Enhanced 8-bit MCU, please view the IC chip features for your reference:



80C51 Core Architecture

256 Bytes of On-chip RAM

2048 Bytes of On-chip ERAM

64K Bytes of On-chip Flash Memory


– Data Retention: 10 Years at 85°C

Read/Write Cycle: 100K

· 2K Bytes of On-chip Flash for Bootloader

· 2K Bytes of On-chip EEPROM Read/Write Cycle: 100K


· Integrated Power Monitor (POR: PFD) To Supervise Internal Power Supply

· 14-sources 4-level Interrupts

· Three 16-bit Timers/Counters

· Full Duplex UART Compatible 80C51

· High-speed Architecture

– In Standard Mode:

40 MHz (Vcc 3V to 5.5V, both Internal and external code execution)

60 MHz (Vcc 4.5V to 5.5V and Internal Code execution only)

In X2 mode (6 Clocks/machine cycle)

20 MHz (Vcc 3V to 5.5V, both Internal and external code execution)

30 MHz (Vcc 4.5V to 5.5V and Internal Code execution only)

· Five Ports: 32 + 4 Digital I/O Lines

· Five-channel 16-bit PCA with

– PWM (8-bit)

– High-speed Output

Timer and Edge Capture

· Double Data Pointer

· 21-bit WatchDog Timer (7 Programmable Bits)

· A 10-bit Resolution Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) with 8 Multiplexed Inputs

· SPI Interface, (PLCC52, VPFP64 and CABGA 64 packages only)

· Full CAN Controller

– Fully Compliant with CAN Rev 2.0A and 2.0B

– Optimized Structure for Communication Management (Via SFR)

15 Independent Message Objects

– Each Message Object Programmable on Transmission or Reception

– Individual Tag and Mask Filters up to 29-bit Identifier/Channel

– 8-byte Cyclic Data Register (FIFO)/Message Object

– 16-bit Status and Control Register/Message Object

16-bit Time-Stamping Register/Message Object

– CAN Specification 2.0 Part A or 2.0 Part B Programmable for Each Message Object

– Access to Message Object Control and Data Registers Via SFR

– Programmable Reception Buffer Length Up To 15 Message Objects

– Priority Management of Reception of Hits on Several Message Objects at the

Same Time (Basic CAN Feature)

– Priority Management for Transmission

Message Object Overrun Interrupt

– Supports

– Time Triggered Communication

– Autobaud and Listening Mode

– Programmable Automatic Reply Mode

– 1-Mbit/s Maximum Transfer Rate at 8 MHz (1) Crystal Frequency in X2 Mode

– Readable Error Counters

– Programmable Link to On-chip Timer for Time Stamping and Network


– Independent Baud Rate Prescaler

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