Crack Protected Microprocessor PIC12C518 Firmware

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In Synchronous Master mode, the data is transmitted in a half-duplex manner (i.e., transmission and reception do not occur at the same time). When transmitting data, the reception is inhibited and vice versa. Synchronous mode is entered by setting bit, SYNC (TXSTA<4>).
In addition, enable bit, SPEN (RCSTA<7>), is set in order to configure the RC6/TX/CK/SCK/SCL/SEG9 and RC7/RX/DT/SDI/SDA/SEG8 I/O pins to CK (clock) and DT (data) lines, respectively. The Master mode indicates that the processor transmits the master clock on the CK line before Crack Protected Microprocessor PIC12C518 Firmware.
The Master mode is entered by setting bit, CSRC (TXSTA<7>). The USART transmitter block diagram is shown in Figure 11-6. The heart of the transmitter is the Transmit (Serial) Shift Register (TSR). The shift register obtains its data from the Read/Write Transmit Buffer register, TXREG.
The TXREG register is loaded with data in firmware. The TSR register is not loaded until the last bit has been transmitted from the previous load. As soon as the last bit is transmitted, the TSR is loaded with new data from the TXREG (if available). Once the TXREG register transfers the data to the TSR register (occurs in one TCYCLE), the TXREG is empty and interrupt bit, TXIF (PIR1<4>), is set. The interrupt can be enabled/disabled by setting/clearing enable bit TXIE (PIE1<4>).
Flag bit TXIF will be set regardless of the state of enable bit TXIE and cannot be cleared in firmware. It will reset only when new data is loaded into the TXREG register. While flag bit TXIF indicates the status of the TXREG register, another bit, TRMT (TXSTA<1>), shows the status of the TSR register when Crack Protected Microprocessor PIC12C518 Firmware.
TRMT is a read-only bit which is set when the TSR is empty. No interrupt logic is tied to this bit so the user has to poll this bit in order to determine if the TSR register is empty. The TSR is not mapped in data memory so it is not available to the user.
Transmission is enabled by setting enable bit, TXEN (TXSTA<5>). The actual transmission will not occur until the TXREG register has been loaded with data. The first data bit will be shifted out on the next available rising edge of the clock on the CK line when Crack MCU.