Crack Microcontroller Prevention Method

Crack Microcontroller is a kind of technology as well as fund (money) density process and through all these years microcontroller cracker do the utmost to promote it is ability to crack as much microcontroller as possible, so as microcontroller designer always increase the level of difficulty for cracking or raise up the cost of crack it. One of the most expensive way to crack microcontroller is place a metallic network on the top side, and all of these network grid could be used to monitor the short circuit and open circuit, once it has been triggered will directly cause the storage system reset or reload. Average microcontroller won’t apply this kind of method to prevent cracking due to its more difficult design and the wipe out operation can be triggered under certain abnormal situations such as high density and strong magnetic noise disorder, low temperature or high temperature, extraordinary time clock signal or insufficient or unreliable power supply. As a result of that, average microcontroller apply relative cheap fake top layer metal network grid to protect the cracking, but it can also be cracked by microprobe of high efficient optical analysis. In the smartcard microcontroller, there is some network grid has been set up among power supply and grounding. Meanwhile, these grids can’t protect the microcontroller crack. Since there are capacitors among the tracks and light can reach effective area which means the semi-invasive microcontroller crack is still workable.

Some programmable smartcard manufacturers go even further, they directly cut off the standard programming interface and replace it with start-up block, the microcontroller can wipe out or block itself after programming the code into it to prevent crack. These smartcard can be programmed only once when initialization, after that it will only react to the data and program stored and write inside embedded software supported by user.

In recent days, some smartcard use microcontroller bus code encryption technology to prevent the microprobe attack of microcontroller crack, which means even if cracker attain the data from data bus, it will not know the sensitive information or password. This method is against invasive and semi-invasive microcontroller crack.

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