Unlock Microcontroller ATMEGA169P Heximal

We can Unlock Microcontroller ATMEGA169P Heximal, please view the Microcontroller ATMEGA169P features for your reference:

The TO, PD, GPWUF and CWUF bits in the STATUS register can be tested to determine if a Reset condition has been caused by a power-up condition, a MCLR, Watchdog Timer (WDT) Reset, wake-up on comparator change or wake-up on pin change when Unlock Microcontroller.

A Brown-out Reset is a condition where device power (VDD) dips below its minimum value, but not to zero, and then recovers. The device should be reset in the event of a brown out if Unlock Microcontroller.

A device may be powered down (Sleep) and later powered up (wake-up from Sleep). The Power-Down mode is entered by executing a SLEEP instruction before Unlock Microcontroller.

If enabled, the Watchdog Timer will be cleared but keeps running, the TO bit (STATUS<4>) is set, the PD bit (STATUS<3>) is cleared and the oscillator driver is turned off after Unlock Microcontroller.

The I/O ports maintain the status they had before the SLEEP instruction was executed (driving high, driving low or high-impedance) when Unlock Microcontroller.

For lowest current consumption while powered down, the T0CKI input should be at VDD or VSS and the GP3/MCLR/VPP pin must be at a logic high level if MCLR is enabled if Unlock Microcontroller.

The device can wake-up from Sleep through one of the following events:

An external Reset input on GP3/MCLR/VPP pin, when configured as MCLR. A Watchdog Timer time-out Reset (if WDT was enabled) before Unlock Microcontroller.

A change on input pin GP0, GP1 or GP3 when wake-up on change is enabled. wake-up on change is enabled. A comparator output change has occurred when wake-up on comparator change is enabled after Unlock Microcontroller.

These events cause a device Reset. The TO, PD GPWUF and CWUF bits can be used to determine the cause of device Reset. The TO bit is cleared if a WDT time-out occurred (and caused wake-up) if Unlock Microcontroller.

The PD bit, which is set on power-up, is cleared when SLEEP is invoked. The GPWUF bit indicates a change in state while in Sleep at pins GP0, GP1 or GP3 (since the last file or bit operation on GP port) when Unlock Microcontroller.

The CWUF bit indicates a change in the state while in Sleep of the comparator output.

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