Unlock MCU ATTINY25V Heximal


We can crack MCU ATTINY25V Heximal, please view the MCU ATTINY25V features for your reference:

The RXCn, TXCn, and UDREn flags and corresponding interrupts in USART in MSPIM mode are identical in function to the normal USART operation when Unlock MCU.

However, the receiver error status flags (FE, DOR, and PE) are not in use and is always read as zero. The disabling of the transmitter or receiver in USART in MSPIM mode is identical in function to the normal USART operation if Unlock MCU.

The function and bit description of the USART data register (UDRn) in MSPI mode is identical to normal USART operation. See “USART I/O Data Register n– UDRn” on page 222 before Unlock MCU.

· Bit 7 – RXCn: USART Receive Complete

This flag bit is set when there are unread data in the receive buffer and cleared when the receive buffer is empty (i.e., does not contain any unread data) after Unlock MCU.

If the Receiver is disabled, the receive buffer will be flushed and consequently the RXCn bit will become zero. The RXCn Flag can be used to generate a Receive Complete interrupt (see description of the RXCIEn bit) when Unlock MCU.

· Bit 6 – TXCn: USART Transmit Complete

This flag bit is set when the entire frame in the Transmit Shift Register has been shifted out and there are no new data currently present in the transmit buffer (UDRn) if Unlock MCU.

The TXCn Flag bit is automatically cleared when a transmit complete interrupt is executed, or it can be cleared by writing a one to its bit location. The TXCn Flag can generate a Transmit Complete interrupt (see description of the TXCIEn bit) before Unlock MCU.

· Bit 5 – UDREn: USART Data Register Empty

The UDREn Flag indicates if the transmit buffer (UDRn) is ready to receive new data. If UDREn is one, the buffer is empty, and therefore ready to be written after Unlock MCU.

The UDREn Flag can generate a Data Register Empty interrupt (see description of the UDRIE bit). UDREn is set after a reset to indicate that the Transmitter is ready when Unlock MCU.

· Bit 4:0 – Reserved Bits in MSPI mode

When in MSPI mode, these bits are reserved for future use. For compatibility with future devices, these bits must be written to zero when UCSRnA is written if Unlock microcontroller.

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