Extract Microcontroller Flash Content

Extract Microcontroller flash content and EEPROM data has been a technology prevailed in the electronic reverse engineering and repair market for quite a long time. The technology of protection against the microcontroller extract work has been developed and embed the security fuse into the main memorizer area of microcontroller is one of the advanced methods. If do so, the fuse can share the control and data line with it which can provide better protection against the microcontroller extract work. If the fuse has become part of main memorizer, it will be difficult to locate the fuse. If the designer can turn the security fuse into part of the main memorizer of microcontroller to prevent cracker extract the flash and program content. Under this situation, it is quite difficult to find the fuse and reset it without interference the other content of memorizers if cracker wants to extract microcontroller firmware and source code. But it doesn’t means this protection will defeat all the microcontroller extract method but only reduce the success rate.

Security fuse can be monitored through multiple ways to inspect the status of fuse, the simplest way is when power supply, reset or enter into programmable mode. Using power supply noise or laser burst can change the status of fuse in relative short time. Once it has been done, extract microcontroller will become easier to execute. Furthermore, if the status of security fuse being stored in the trigger or memorizer is not good, since the status of trigger can be altered through faulty injection method.

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