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The Event System is a set of features for inter-peripheral communication. It enables the possibility for a change of state in one peripheral to automatically trigger actions in one or more peripherals. What changes in a peripheral that will trigger actions in other peripherals are configurable by software when crack mcu binary.
It is a simple, but powerful system as it allows for autonomous control of peripherals without any use of interrupts, CPU or DMA resources. The indication of a change in a peripheral is referred to as an event, and is usually the same as the interrupt conditions for that peripheral. Events are passed between peripherals using a dedicated routing network called the Event Routing Network before Crack Embedded MCU PIC18F248 Binary.
Figure 9-1 on page 17 shows a basic block diagram of the Event System with the Event Routing Network and the peripherals to which it is connected. This highly flexible system can be used for simple routing of signals, pin func-
tions or for sequencing of events.
The maximum latency is two CPU clock cycles from when an event is generated in one peripheral, until the actions are triggered in one or more other peripherals. The Event System is functional in both Active and Idle modes.
The Event Routing Network can directly connect together ADCs, DACs, Analog Comparators (ACx), I/O ports (PORTx), the Real-time Counter (RTC), Timer/Counters (T/C) and the IR Communication Module (IRCOM). Events can also be generated from software (CPU) after Crack Embedded MCU PIC18F248 Binary.
All events from all peripherals are always routed into the Event Routing Network. This consist of eight multiplexers where each can be configured in software to select which event to be routed into that event channel. All eight event channels are connected to the peripherals that can use events, and each of these peripherals can be configured to use events from one or more event channels to automatically trigger a software selectable action from MCU CRACK.