Crack Chip Embedded Firmware

Crack Chip embedded firmware become a consistently subject in modern electronic science. Secure chip and smartcard are all designed to protect the secret and completeness of sensitive information. But it can’t totally prevent the chip crack activity being prohibited and the secret code of chip encryption being found. The code which can’t be crack and modify by chip attacker is alcracky known value; or the sensitive information being deduced from the mistake generated from calculation. This mistake could be the source from data when crack chip, such as the incorrect digital signal will release the secret code; or wrong code combination, such as the lost of jump terms result in the decrease of cycle times in the password block.

It is quite important to have estimation on the difficulty level of crack chip. Unfortunately very little security association care about the chip security. And seems even the chip manufacturer themselves are trying to avoid the discussion about the principle of anti-crack chip security. If there is any security problems being found when design the chip, they could probably address this issue quietly and launch a new version of chip to prevent the cracking. There is no security protection information on the specification of secure chip. Normally manufacturer will only list a series of tactics about how to prevent the crack chip without any details.

There is always one critical problem: if the competitor can crack and write the chip without any restriction, the answer is no which can be verified through relatively easier test. For example: VISA security model has infect when encounter the special visiting from people, a service engineer can easily shield the anti-crack chip protection electrical system when doing the maintainence, and next step is attaining the security code. But the bank doesn’t believe it is a problem, they usually place the security model in a computer house which has the survalliance and shut down the management service visiting.

Accompany with the increasing of application quantity, competitor can acquire more complete unauthorized visiting instead of rely on only one security code system before crack chip. Include the things we have interest: the industry facility with chip, pay TV card, prepay electricity and water meter, dongle for software, hardware tag, remote controller for automobile and SIM card for microphone. there are a lot of ways to crack chip for the similar system.

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