Crack Chip ATMEGA88A Program

We can Crack Chip ATMEGA88A Program, please view the Chip ATMEGA88A features for your reference:

  1. Power-up sequence:

Apply 4.5 – 5.5V between VCC and GND. Set PB5 and PB0 to “0” and wait at least 30 µs.

Set PB3 to “0”. Wait at least 100 ns.

Apply 12V to PB5 and wait at least 100 ns before changing PB0. Wait 8 µs before giving any instructions when crack chip program.

  1. The Flash array is programmed one byte at a time by supplying first the address, then the low and high data byte. The write instruction is self-timed; wait until the PB2 (RDY/BSY) pin goes high if crack chip program.
  1. The EEPROM array is programmed one byte at a time by supplying first the address, then the data byte. The write instruction is self-timed; wait until the PB2 (RDY/BSY) pin goes high.
  1. Any memory location can be verified by using the Read instruction, which returns the contents at the selected address at serial output PB2 before crack chip program.
  1. Power-off sequence:

Set PB3 to “0”.

Set PB5 to “0”.

Turn VCC power off.

When writing or reading serial data to the ATtiny15L, data is clocked on the 8th rising edge of the 16 external clock pulses needed to generate the internal clock after crack chip program.

Both th e program and data memory arrays can be programmed using the SPI bus while RESET is pulled to GND. The serial interface consists of pins SCK, MOSI (input) and MISO (output) when crack chip program.

After RESET is set low, the Programming Enable instruction needs to be executed first before program/erase instructions can be executed.

For the EEPROM, an auto-erase cycle is provided within the self-timed write instruction and there is no need to first execute the Chip Erase instruction. The Chip Erase instruction turns the content of every memory location in both the program and EEPROM arrays into $FF if crack chip program.

The program and EEPROM memory arrays have separate address spaces: $0000 to $01FF for program memory and $000 to $03F for EEPROM memory before crack chip program.

The device is clocked from the internal clock at the uncalibrated minimum frequency (0.8 – 1.6 MHz). The minimum low and high periods for the serial clock (SCK) input are defined as follows:

Low: > 2 MCU clock cycles

High: > 2 MCU clock cycles after crack chip program

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