Unlock Protected Chip PIC18F2525 Heximal

We can unlock Protected chip PIC18F2525 Hex, please view the Protected chip PIC18F2525 features for your reference:
The SEC_RUN mode is the compatible mode to the “clock switching” feature offered in other PIC18 devices. In this mode, the CPU and peripherals are clocked from the Timer1 oscillator. This gives users the option of lower power consumption while still using a high accuracy clock source. SEC_RUN mode is entered by setting the SCS1:SCS0 bits to ‘01’. The device clock source is switched to the Timer1 oscillator (see Figure 3-1), the primary oscillator is shut down, the T1RUN bit (T1CON<6>) is set and the OSTS bit is cleared when unlock bin from chip.
The Timer1 oscillator should already be running prior to entering SEC_RUN mode. If the T1OSCEN bit is not set when the SCS1:SCS0 bits are set to ‘01’, entry to SEC_RUN mode will not occur. If the Timer1 oscillator is enabled, but not yet running, device clocks will be delayed until the oscillator has started; in such situations, initial oscillator operation is far from stable and unpredictable operation may result. On transitions from SEC_RUN mode to PRI_RUN, the peripherals of IC unlockion and CPU continue to be clocked from the Timer1 oscillator while the primary clock is started. When the primary clock becomes ready, a clock switch back to the primary clock occurs (see Figure 3-2). When the clock switch is complete, the T1RUN bit is cleared, the OSTS bit is set and the primary clock is providing the clock. The IDLEN and SCS bits are not affected by the wake-up; the Timer1 oscillator continues to run if the hex of chip can be unlocked.
In RC_RUN mode, the CPU and peripherals are clocked from the internal oscillator block using the INTOSC multiplexer. In this mode, the primary clock is shut down. When using the INTRC source, this mode provides the best power conservation of all the Run modes, while still executing code. It works well for user applications which are not highly timing sensitive or do not require high-speed clocks at all times. If the primary clock source is the internal oscillator block (either INTRC or INTOSC), there are no distinguishable differences between PRI_RUN and RC_RUN modes during execution. However, a clock switch delay will occur during entry to and exit from RC_RUN mode. Therefore, if the primary clock source is the internal oscillator block, the use of RC_RUN mode is not recommended before the program from chip has been unlocked.