Unlock Programmed PIC16C57C MCU

We can Unlock Programmed PIC16C57C MCU, please view the Programmed PIC16C57C Flash features for your reference:

When the Watchdog times out, it will generate a short reset pulse of one CK cycle duration. On the falling edge of this pulse, the delay timer starts counting the Time-out period tTOUT. See “Watchdog Timer” on page 56. for details on operation of the Watchdog Timer when unlock programmed mcu.

The MCU Status Register provides information on which reset source caused an MCU reset. PIC16C57C features an internal bandgap reference. This reference is used for Brown-out Detection, and it can be used as an input to the Analog Comparator or the ADC if unlock programmed mcu.

The voltage reference has a start-up time that may influence the way it should be used. The start-up time is given in Table 26. To save power, the reference is not always turned before unlock programmed mcu

  1. The reference is on during the following situations:
  2. When the BOD is enabled (by programming the BODLEVEL [2..0] Fuse).
  3. When the bandgap reference is connected to the Analog Comparator (by setting the ACBG bit in ACSR).
  1. When the ADC is enabled after unlock programmed mcu.

Thus, when the BOD is not enabled, after setting the ACBG bit or enabling the ADC, the user must always allow the reference to start up before the output from the Analog Comparator or ADC is used when unlock programmed mcu. To reduce power consumption in Power-down mode, the user can avoid the three conditions above to ensure that the reference is turned off before entering Power-down mode if unlock programmed mcu.

PIC16C57C has an Enhanced Watchdog Timer (WDT). The main features are:

  • Clocked from separate On-chip Oscillator
  • 3 Operating modes

– Interrupt

– System Reset before unlock programmed mcu

– Interrupt and System Reset

  • Selectable Time-out period from 16ms to 8s

· Possible Hardware fuse Watchdog always on (WDTON) for fail-safe mode after unlock programmed mcu

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