Unlock Microcontroller PIC18F85K22 Flash

We can Unlock Microcontroller PIC18F85K22 Flash, please view Microcontroller PIC18F85K22 features for your reference:

· Communications: The PIC18F87K22 family incorporates a range of serial communication peripherals including two Enhanced USART, that support LIN/J2602, and two Master SSP modules capable of both SPI and I2C™ (Master and Slave) modes of operation when Unlock Microcontroller.

· CCP Modules: PIC18F87K22 family devices incorporate up to seven Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) modules. Up to six different time bases can be used to perform several different operations at once if Unlock Microcontroller.

· ECCP Modules: The PIC18F87K22 family has three Enhanced CCP (ECCP) modules to maximize flexibility in control applications:

– Up to eight different time bases for performing several different operations at once

– Up to four PWM outputs for each module – for a total of 12 PWMs before Unlock Microcontroller

– Other beneficial features, such as polarity selection, programmable dead time, auto-shutdown and restart, and Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge Output modes after Unlock Microcontroller

· 12-Bit A/D Converter: The PIC18F87K22 family has differential ADC. It incorporates programmable acquisition time, allowing for a channel to be selected and a conversion to be initiated without waiting for a sampling period, and thus, reducing code overhead when Unlock Microcontroller.

· Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU): The CTMU is a flexible analog module that provides accurate differential time measurement between pulse sources, as well as asynchronous pulse generation.

· Together with other on-chip analog modules, the CTMU can precisely measure time, measure capacitance or relative changes in capacitance, or generate output pulses that are independent of the system clock if Unlock Microcontroller.

· LP Watchdog Timer (WDT): This enhanced version incorporates a 22-bit prescaler, allowing an extended time-out range that is stable across operating voltage and temperature. See

Section 31.0 “Electrical Characteristics” for time-out periods.

· Real-Time Clock and Calendar Module

(RTCC): The RTCC module is intended for applications requiring that accurate time be maintained for extended periods of time with minimum to no intervention from the CPU.

· The module is a 100-year clock and calendar with automatic leap year detection. The range of the clock is from 00:00:00 (midnight) on January 1, 2000 to 23:59:59 on December 31, 2099 after Unlock Microcontroller.

All other features for devices in this family are identical.

These are summarized in Table 1-1 and Table 1-2. The pinouts for all devices are listed in Table 1-3 and Table 1-4. Getting started with the PIC18F87K22 family family of 8-bit microcontrollers requires attention to a minimal set of device pin connections before proceeding with development when Unlock Microcontroller.

The following pins must always be connected:

· All VDD and VSS pins  (see Section 2.2 “Power Supply Pins”)

· All AVDD and AVSS pins, regardless of whether or not the analog device features are used (ENVREG and VCAP/VDDCORE)”)

These pins must also be connected if they are being used in the end application:

· PGC/PGD pins used for In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™) and debugging purposes (see Section 2.5 “ICSP Pins”) if Unlock Microcontroller

· OSCI and OSCO pins when an external oscillator

Key (all values are recommendations):

C1 through C6: 0.1 mF, 20V ceramic before Unlock Microcontroller

R1: 10 kΩ

R2: 100Ω to 470Ω

Note 1:  See Section 2.4 “Voltage Regulator Pins

(ENVREG and VCAP/VDDCORE)” for explanation of ENVREG pin connections. source is used (see Section 2.6 “External Oscillator Pins”)

Additionally, the following pins may be required:

· VREF+/VREF- pins are used when external voltage reference for analog modules is implemented.

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