Unlock Microcontroller Chip Motorola MC68HC908JB16

We can unlock microcontroller chip motorola MC68HC908JB16, please view below IC features for your reference:

Features of the MC68HC908JB16 MCU include the following:

High-performance M68HC08 architecture

Fully upward-compatible object code with M6805, M146805, and

M68HC05 families

Low-power design; fully static with stop and wait modes

6-MHz internal bus frequency

16,384 bytes of on-chip FLASH memory with security1 feature

384 bytes of on-chip random access memory (RAM)

Up to 21 general-purpose input/output (I/O) pins, including:

– 15 shared-function I/O pins

8-bit keyboard interrupt port

– 10mA high current drive for PS/2 connection on 2 pins

(with USB module disabled)

– 1 dedicated I/O pin, with 25mA direct drive for infrared LED

(32-pin package)

6 dedicated I/O pins, with 25mA direct drive for infrared LED

on 2 pins and 10mA direct drive for normal LED on 4 pins

(28-pin package)

Two 16-bit, 2-channel timer interface modules (TIM1 and TIM2)

with selectable input capture, output compare, PWM capability on

each channel, and external clock input option (TCLK)

Universal Serial Bus specification 2.0 low-speed functions:


– 1.5Mbps data rate

– On-chip 3.3V regulator

– Endpoint 0 with 8-byte transmit buffer and 8-byte receive buffer

Endpoint 1 with 8-byte transmit buffer

– Endpoint 2 with 8-byte transmit buffer and 8-byte receive buffer

Serial communications interface module (SCI)

Dual clock generator modules (CGM) (32-pin package)

In-circuit programming capability using USB communication or

standard serial link on PTA0 pin

System protection features:

– Optional computer operating properly (COP) reset

– Optional Low-voltage detection with reset

– Illegal opcode detection with reset

– Illegal address detection with reset

Master reset pin with internal pull-up and power-on reset

IRQ interrupt pin with internal pull-up and schmitt-trigger input

32-pin low-profile quad flat pack (LQFP) and 28-pin small outline

integrated circuit package (SOIC)

Features of the CPU08 include the following:

Enhanced HC05 programming model

Extensive loop control functions

16 addressing modes (eight more than the HC05)

16-bit index register and stack pointer

Memory-to-memory data transfers

Fast 8 × 8 multiply instruction

Fast 16/8 divide instruction

Binary-coded decimal (BCD) instructions

Optimization for controller applications

Third party C language support

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