Unlock Microcontroller ATMEGA324 Eeprom

We can Unlock Microcontroller ATMEGA324 eeprom, please view the Microcontroller ATMEGA324 features for your reference:

When the SM1/SM0 bits are “10”, the SLEEP instruction forces the MCU into the Power down mode. Only an External Reset, a Watchdog Reset (if enabled), an external level triggered interrupt, or a pin change interrupt can wake up the MCU when Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

Note that if a level-triggered or pin change interrupt is used for wake-up from Power-down mode, the changed level must be held for some time to wake up the MCU if Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

This makes the MCU less sensitive to noise. The changed level is sampled twice by the Watchdog Oscillator clock, and if the input has the required level during this time, the MCU will wake up before Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

The period of the waTchdog Oscillator is 2.9 µs (nominal) at 3.0V and 25°C. The frequency of the Watchdog Oscillator is voltage-dependent as shown in the “Electrical Characteristics” section after Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

When waking up from the Power-down mode, a delay from the wake-up condition occurs until the wake-up becomes effective. This allows the clock to restart and become stable after having been stopped when Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

The wake-up period is defined by the same CKSEL fuses that define the reset time-out period. The internal RC oscillator provides a fixed 1.6 MHz clock (nominal at 5V and 25°C) if Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

This internal clock is always the system clock of the ATtiny15L. This oscillator can be calibrated by writing the calibration byte (see page 55) to the OSCCAL register before Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

Writing the calibration byte to this address will trim the internal oscillator frequency in order to remove process variations. When OSCCAL is zero (initial value), the lowest available frequency is chosen after Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

Writing non-zero values to this register will increase the frequency of the internal oscillator. Writing $FF to the register selects the highest available frequency before Unlock Microcontroller eeprom.

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