Unlock Microcontroller ATMEGA164A Program

We can Unlock Microcontroller ATMEGA164A Program, please view the Microcontroller ATMEGA164A features for your reference:

Thus, when the BOD is not enabled, after setting the AINBG bit, the user must always allow the reference to start-up before the output from the Analog Comparator is used when Unlock Microcontroller Program.

The bandgap reference uses typically 10 µA, and to reduce power consumption in Power-down mode, the user can avoid the three conditions above to ensure that the reference is turned off before entering Power-down mode if Unlock Microcontroller Program.

The ATtiny15L has two 8-bit Interrupt Mask control registers: GIMSK (General Interrupt Mask register) and TIMSK (Timer/Counter Interrupt Mask register) before Unlock Microcontroller Program.

When an interrupt occurs, the Global Interrupt Enable I-bit is cleared (zero) and all interrupts are disabled. The user software can set the I-bit (one) to enable interrupts. The Ibit is set (one) when a Return from Interrupt instruction (RETI) is executed after Unlock Microcontroller Program.

When the Program Counter is vectored to the actual interrupt vector in order to execute the interrupt handling routine, hardware clears the corresponding flag that generated the interrupt when Unlock Microcontroller Program.

Some of the interrupt flags can also be cleared by writing a logical “1” to the flag bit position(s) to be cleared. If an interrupt condition occurs when the corresponding interrupt enable bit is cleared (zero), the interrupt flag will be set and remembered until the interrupt is enabled, or the flag is cleared by software if Unlock Microcontroller Program.

If one or more interrupt conditions occur when the global interrupt enable bit is cleared (zero), the corresponding interrupt flag(s) will be set and remembered until the global interrupt enable bit is set (one), and will be executed by order of priority before Unlock Microcontroller Program.

Note that external level interrupt does not have a flag, and will only be remembered for as long as the interrupt condition is present after Unlock Microcontroller Program.

Note that the Status Register is not automatically stored when entering an interrupt routine and restored when returning from an interrupt routine. This must be handled by software if Unlock Microcontroller Program.

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