Unlock Microcontroller AT87LV51 Software

We can Unlock Microcontroller AT87LV51 Software, please view the Microcontroller AT87LV51 features for your reference:

The AT87LV51 devices have a 2-deep, 8-bit wide hardware PUSH/POP stack. The AT87LV51 devices have a 2-deep, 9-bit wide hardware PUSH/POP stack when Unlock Microcontroller.

ACALL instruction will PUSH the current value of Stack 1 into Stack 2 and then PUSH the current PC value, incremented by one, into Stack Level 1. If more than two sequentialCALLs are executed, only the most recent two return addresses are stored if Unlock Microcontroller.

A RETLW instruction will POP the contents of Stack Level 1 into the PC and then copy Stack Level 2 contents into level 1. If more than two sequential RETLWs are executed, the stack will be filled with the address previously stored in Stack Level 2 before Unlock Microcontroller.

The INDF register is not a physical register. Addressing INDF actually addresses the register whose address is contained in the FSR register (FSR is a pointer). This is indirect addressing after Unlock Microcontroller.

Register file 09 contains the value 10h

Register file 0A contains the value 0Ah

Load the value 09 into the FSR register

A read of the INDF register will return the value of 10h before Unlock Microcontroller

· Increment the value of the FSR register by one (FSR = 0A)

· A read of the INDR register now will return the value of 0Ah.

Reading INDF itself indirectly (FSR = 0) will produce 00h. Writing to the INDF register indirectly results in a no operation (although Status bits may be affected) when Unlock Microcontroller.

A simple program to clear RAM locations 10h-1Fh using indirect addressing is shown in Example 4-1. The FSR is a 5-bit wide register. It is used in conjunction with the INDF register to indirectly address the data memory area if Unlock Microcontroller.

The FSR<4:0> bits are used to select data memory addresses 00h to 1Fh.

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