Unlock MCU ATMEGA644 Firmware

We can Unlock MCU ATMEGA644 Firmware, please view the MCU ATMEGA644 features for your reference:

· Bit 7 – CTC1: Clear Timer/Counter on Compare Match

When the CTC1 control bit is set (one), Timer/Counter1 is reset to $00 in the CPU clock cycle after a compare match with OCR1A register value. If the control bit is cleared, Timer/Counter1 continues counting and is unaffected by a compare match when unlock mcu firmware.

· Bit 6 – PWM1: Pulse Width Modulator Enable

When set (one), this bit enables PWM mode for Timer/Counter1. This mode is described on page 31.

· Bits 5,4 – COM1A1, COM1A0: Compare Output Mode, Bits 1 and 0 if unlock mcu firmware

The COM1A1 and COM1A0 control bits determine any output pin action following a compare match A in Timer/Counter1. Output pin actions affect pin PB1(OC1A).

Since this is an alternative function to an I/O port, the corresponding direction control bit must be set (one) to control an output pin. The control configuration is shown in Table 10 before unlock mcu firmware.

Timer/Counter1 is implemented as an up-counter with read and write access. Due to synchronization of the CPU and Timer/Counter1, data written into Timer/Counter1 is delayed by one CPU clock cycle after unlock mcu firmware.

The Output Compare Register 1A is an 8-bit read/write register. The Timer/Counter Output Compare Register 1A contains the data to be continuously compared with Timer/Counter1 when unlock mcu firmware.

Actions on compare matches are specified in TCCR1. A compare match occurs only if Timer/Counter1 counts to the OCR1A value. A software write that sets TCNT1 and OCR1A to the same value does not generate a compare match if unlock mcu firmware.

A compare match will set (one) the compare interrupt flag in the CPU clock cycle following the compare event.

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