Unlock MCU ATMEGA640A Firmware

We can Unlock MCU ATMEGA640A Firmware, please view MCU ATMEGA640A features for your reference:

The ATtiny15L features a 10-bit successive approximation ADC. The ADC is connected to a 4-channel Analog Multiplexer that allows one differential voltage input and four single-ended voltage inputs constructed from the pins of Port B when unlock mcu firmware.

The differential input (PB3, PB4) is equipped with a programmable gain stage, providing amplification step of 26 dB (20x) on the differential input voltage before the A/D conversion. The single-ended voltage inputs at PB2..PB5 refer to 0V (GND) if unlock mcu firmware.

The ADC contains a Sample and Hold Amplifier that ensures that the input voltage to the ADC is held at a constant level during conversion. A block diagram of the ADC before unlock mcu firmware.

An internal reference voltage of nominally 2.56V is provided On-chip and this reference can optionally be externally decoupled at the AREF (PB0) pin by a capacitor for better noise performance after unlock mcu firmware.

Alternatively, VCC can be used as reference voltage for single ended channels. There is also an option to use an external voltage reference and turn off the internal voltage reference. These options are selected using the REFS1..0 bits of the ADMUX control register when unlock mcu firmware.

The ADC converts an analog input voltage to a 10-bit digital value through successive approximation. The minimum value represents GND and the maximum value represents the selected reference voltage minus 1 LSB if unlock mcu firmware.

The voltage reference for the ADC may be selected by writing to the REFS1..0 bits in ADMUX. VCC, the AREF pin, or an internal 2.56V reference may be selected as the ADC voltage reference before unlock mcu firmware.

Optionally, the 2.56V internal voltage reference may be decoupled by an external capacitor at the AREF pin to improve noise immunity. The analog input channel and differential gain are selected by writing to the MUX2..0 bits in ADMUX. Any of the four ADC input pins ADC3 after unlock mcu firmware.

0 can be selected as single ended inputs to the ADC. ADC2 and ADC3 can be selected as positive and negative input, respectively, to the differential gain amplifier.

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