Unlock MCU ATMEGA48A Software

We can Unlock MCU ATMEGA48A Software, please view the MCU ATMEGA48A features for your reference:

Response time is the minimum time, after selecting a new reference voltage or input source, before the comparator output is to have a valid level. If the comparator inputs are changed, a delay must be used to allow the comparator to settle to its new state when Unlock MCU.

Please see Table 12-1 for comparator response time specifications. The comparator output is read through CMCON0 register. This bit is read-only. The comparator output may also be used internally if Unlock MCU.

The comparator wake-up flag is set whenever all of the following conditions are met:

· CWU = 0 (CMCON0<0>)

· CMCON0 has been read to latch the last known state of the CMPOUT bit (MOVF CMCON0, W)

· Device is in Sleep before Unlock MCU

· The output of the comparator has changed state The wake-up flag may be cleared in software or by another device Reset. When the comparator is active and the device is placed in Sleep mode, the comparator remains active after Unlock MCU.

While the comparator is powered-up, higher Sleep currents than shown in the power-down current specification will occur. To minimize power consumption while in Sleep mode, turn off the comparator before entering Sleep when Unlock MCU.

A Power-on Reset (POR) forces the CMCON0 register to its Reset state. This forces the Comparator modul to be in the comparator Reset mode. This ensures that all potential inputs are analog inputs if Unlock MCU.

Device current is minimized when analog inputs are present at Reset time. The comparator will be powered-down during the reset interval before Unlock MCU.

A simplified circuit for an analog input is shown in Figure 8-3. Since the analog pins are connected to a digital output, they have reverse biased diodes to VDD and VSS. The analog input therefore, must be between VSS and VDD after Unlock MCU.

If the input voltage deviates from this range by more than 0.6V in either direction, one of the diodes is forward biased and a latch-up may occur. A maximum source impedance of 10 kÙ is recommended for the analog sources when Unlock MCU.

Any external component connected to an analog input pin, such as a capacitor or a Zener diode, should have very little leakage current if Unlock MCU.

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