Unlock MCU ATMEGA164V Program

We can Unlock MCU ATMEGA164V Program, please view the MCU ATMEGA164V features for your reference:

The external interrupt is triggered by the INT0 pin. Observe that, if enabled, the interrupt will trigger even if the INT0 pin is configured as an output when unlock mcu program.

This feature provides a way of generating a software interrupt. The external interrupt can be triggered by a falling or rising edge, a pin change, or a low level if unlock mcu program.

This is set up as indicated in the specification for the MCU Control Register (MCUCR). When the external interrupt is enabled and is configured as level-triggered, the interrupt will trigger as long as the pin is held low before unlock mcu program.

The external interrupt is set up as described in the specification for the MCU Control Register (MCUCR). The pin change interrupt is triggered by any change in logical value on any input or I/O pin after unlock mcu program.

Change on pins PB4..0 will always cause an interrupt. Change on pin PB5 will cause an interrupt if the pin is configured as input or I/O, as described in the section “Pin Descriptions” on page 4 when unlock mcu program.

Observe that, if enabled, the interrupt will trigger even if the changing pin is configured as an output. This feature provides a way of generating a software interrupt if unlock mcu program.

Also observe that the pin change interrupt will trigger even if the pin activity triggers another interrupt, for example the external interrupt before unlock mcu program.

This implies that one external event might cause several interrupts. The values on the pins are sampled before detecting edges after unlock mcu program.

If pin change interrupt is enabled, pulses that last longer than one CPU clock period will generate an interrupt. Shorter pulses are not guaranteed to generate an interrupt when unlock mcu program.

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