Unlock IC TS83C51U2 Firmware

We can Unlock IC TS83C51U2 Firmware, please view the IC TS83C51U2 features for your reference:

As with any other register, the I/O register(s) can be written and read under program control. However, read instructions (e.g., MOVF GPIO, W) always read the I/O pins independent of the pin’s Input/Output modes when Unlock IC.

On Reset, all I/O ports are defined as input (inputs are at high-impedance) since the I/O control registers are all set. GPIO is an 8-bit I/O register. Only the low-order 4 bits are used (GP<3:0>). Bits 7 through 4 are unimplemented and read as ‘0’s. Please note that GP3 is an input-only pin if Unlock IC.

Pins GP0, GP1 and GP3 can be configured with weak pull-ups and also for wake-up on change. The wake-up on change and weak pull-up functions are not pin selectable. If GP3/MCLR is configured as MCLR, weak pull-up is always on and wake-upon change for this pin is not enabled before Unlock IC.

The Output Driver Control register is loaded with the contents of the W register by executing the TRIS f instruction. A ‘1’ from a TRIS register bit puts the corresponding output driver in a High-Impedance mode after Unlock IC.

A ‘0’ puts the contents of the output data latch on the selected pins, enabling the output buffer. The exceptions are GP3, which is input-only and the GP2/T0CKI/ COUT/FOSC4 pin, which may be controlled by various registers when Unlock IC.

The equivalent circuit for an I/O port pin is shown in Figure 5-1. All port pins, except GP3 which is input- only, may be used for both input and output operations after Unlock IC.

For input operations, these ports are non-latching. Any input must be present until read by an input instruction (e.g., MOVF GPIO, W). The outputs are latched and remain unchanged until the output latch is rewritten if Unlock IC.

To use a port pin as output, the corresponding direction control bit in TRIS must be cleared (= 0). For use as an input, the corresponding TRIS bit must be set. Any I/O pin (except GP3) can be programmed individually as input or output when Unlock IC.

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