Unlock IC Chip Cost and Budget

Unlock IC chip is a complicate process and before a contract can be signed between our customers, we need to make an official quote to customer, during this process there might be some problems for price of unlocking an IC chip, hereby we are talking about the unlock price variation and fluctuation due to below reasons and try to explain the unique features of IC chip unlock industry when quote a price:

Unlock an IC chip is same with other product from different industries which will has fluctuation in the price and demanding quantity, especially IC chip unlock is an technique orientation and density industry. As we may know there is a technology growing issue and market orientation related project, sometimes the purpose of unlock an IC chip is clone an electronic product, so the earlier you start the more benefit you will earn from it, accompany with the market share being taken and technology become more mature, the cost of unlock this specific IC chip will be decreased dramatically. It is quite normal situation if you think about the electronic product like mobile phone, you can be convinced if you know the price of each one mobile phone unit price can be high up to 1000USD but now with same one only 100USD, over 10 times price difference.

Customer who know some basic knowledge about the IC chip unlock will learn that some IC chip even with same part number, like 51 series’s AT89C51 and STC89C51 will has great difference in the price of IC chip unlocking. As we all know, ATMEL 51 series IC chip has come to china over decade and all the datasheet is public and only a click away from the unlocker. That is the reason why the greenhand are all choose ATMEL 51 series as their first choice since it is easier to unlock and circuit modification need only 15 minutes to do with relative lower cost;

STC IC chip was designed by America, contract manufacture by STC company, the new solution absorb the failure experience of 51 series IC chip which is more liable to be unlock and modify the encryption mechanism. STC IC chip has been completely encrypted even before it had been shipped out and all the programs being loaded by ISP & IAP mechanism, the program will be validated so there is no read out order which greatly increase the difficulty of unlock IC chip. STC IC chip space has been divided into three parts: 1 BOOTLOAD; 2 application code; 3 EEPROM area. When unlock the IC chip we are mainly focusing on unlock the BOOTLOAD area and then extract the firmware. But the latest version of STC IC chip remove the BOOTLOAD area.

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