Unlock IC ATMEGA164 Heximal

We can Unlock IC ATMEGA164 Heximal, please view IC ATMEGA164 features for your reference:

The BOD circuit will only detect a drop in VCC if the voltage stays below the trigger level for longer than 3 µs for trigger level 4.0V, 7 µs for trigger level 2.7V (typical values) when Unlock IC hex.

When the Watchdog times out, it will generate a short reset pulse of 1 CK cycle duration. On the falling edge of this pulse, the delay timer starts counting the time-out period tTOUT. Refer to page 34 for details on operation of the Watchdog Timer if Unlock IC hex.

To make use of the reset flags to identify a reset condition, the user should read and then reset the MCUSR as early as possible in the program before Unlock IC hex.

If the register is cleared before another reset occurs, the source of the reset can be found by examining the reset flags. ATtiny15L features an internal bandgap reference with a nominal voltage of 1.22V after Unlock IC hex.

This reference is used for Brown-out Detection, and it can be used as an input to the Analog Comparator. The 2.56V reference to the ADC is generated from the internal bandgap reference when  Unlock IC hex.

The voltage reference has a start-up time that may influence the way it should be used. The maximum start-up time is TBD. To save power, the reference is not always turned on. The reference is on during the following situations if  Unlock IC hex:

1. When the BOD is enabled (by programming the BODEN fuse).

2. When the bandgap reference is connected to the Analog Comparator (by setting the AINBG bit in ACSR).

3. When the ADC is enabled before  Unlock IC hex.

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