Unlock IC ATMEGA162L Flash

We can Unlock IC ATMEGA162L Flash, please view the IC ATMEGA162L features for your reference:

If the On-chip debug system is enabled by the OCDEN Fuse and the chip enters sleep mode, the main clock source is enabled, and hence, always consumes power. In the deeper sleep modes, this will contribute significantly to the total current consumption when unlock ic flash.

There are three alternative ways to disable the OCD system:

Disable the OCDEN Fuse.

Disable the JTAGEN Fuse.

Write one to the JTD bit in MCUCR if unlock ic flash.

During reset, all I/O Registers are set to their initial values, and the program starts execution from the Reset Vector. The instruction placed at the Reset Vector must be a JMP – Absolute Jump – instruction to the reset handling routine before unlock ic flash.

If the program never enables an interrupt source, the Interrupt Vectors are not used, and regular program code can be placed at these locations. This is also the case if the Reset Vector is in the Application section while the Interrupt Vectors are in the Boot section or vice versa after unlock ic flash.

The circuit diagram in Figure 25 shows the reset logic. Table 23 defines the electrical parameters of the reset circuitry. The I/O ports of the AVR are immediately reset to their initial state when a reset source goes active. This does not require any clock source to be running when unlock ic flash.

After all reset sources have gone inactive, a delay counter is invoked, stretching the internal reset. This allows the power to reach a stable level before normal operation starts. The time-out period of the delay counter is defined by the user through the SUT and CKSEL Fuses if unlock ic flash.


Power-on Reset. The MCU is reset when the supply voltage is below the Power-on Reset threshold (VPOT). External Reset. The MCU is reset when a low level is present on the RESET pin for longer than the minimum pulse length.

Watchdog Reset. The MCU is reset when the Watchdog Timer period expires and the Watchdog is enabled. Brown-out Reset. The MCU is reset when the supply voltage VCC is below the Brown-out Reset threshold (VBOT) and the Brown-out Detector is enabled after unlock ic flash.

JTAG AVR Reset. The MCU is reset as long as there is a logic one in the Reset Register, one of the scan chains of the JTAG system. Refer to the section “IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) Boundary-scan” on page 301 for details before unlock ic flash.

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