Unlock IC AT89C51ID2 Heximal

We can Unlock IC AT89C51ID2 Heximal, please view the IC AT89C51ID2 features for your reference:

The Special Function Registers (SFRs) of the AT89C51ID2 fall into the following categories:

C51 core registers: ACC, B, DPH, DPL, PSW, SP when Unlock IC

I/O port registers: P0, P1, P2, P3, PI2

Timer registers: T2CON, T2MOD, TCON, TH0, TH1, TH2, TMOD, TL0, TL1, TL2, RCAP2L, RCAP2H Serial I/O port registers: SADDR, SADEN, SBUF, SCON PCA (Programmable Counter Array) registers: CCON, CCAPMx, CL, CH, CCAPxH, CCAPxL (x: 0 to 4) if Unlock IC

Power and clock control registers: PCON

Hardware Watchdog Timer registers: WDTRST, WDTPRG

Interrupt system registers: IE0, IPL0, IPH0, IE1, IPL1, IPH1

Keyboard Interface registers: KBE, KBF, KBLS before Unlock IC

SPI registers: SPCON, SPSTR, SPDAT 2-wire Interface registers: SSCON, SSCS, SSDAT, SSADR

BRG (Baud Rate Generator) registers: BRL, BDRCON

Flash register: FCON after Unlock IC

Clock Prescaler register: CKRL 32 kHz Sub Clock Oscillator registers: CKSEL, OSSCON


It is always possible to switch dynamically by software from OscA to OscB, and vice versa by changing CKS bit.

Idle Modes when Unlock IC

Power Down Modes

IDLE modes are achieved by using any instruction that writes into PCON.0 bit (IDL)

IDLE modes A and B depend on previous software sequence, prior to writing into PCON.0 bit:

IDLE MODE A: OscA is running (OscAEn = 1) and selected (CKS = 1) if Unlock IC

IDLE MODE B: OscB is running (OscBEn = 1) and selected (CKS = 0)

The unused oscillator OscA or OscB can be stopped by software by clearing OscAEn or OscBEn respectively.

IDLE mode can be canceled either by Reset, or by activation of any enabled interruption

In both cases, PCON.0 bit (IDL) is cleared by hardware before Unlock IC

Exit from IDLE modes will leave Oscillators control bits (OscEnA, OscEnB, CKS) unchanged.

POWER DOWN modes are achieved by using any instruction that writes into PCON.1 bit (PD)

POWER DOWN modes A and B depend on previous software sequence, prior to writing into PCON.1 bit:

Both OscA and OscB will be stopped.

POWER DOWN mode can be cancelled either by a hardware Reset, an external interruption, or the keyboard interrupt.

By Reset signal: The CPU will restart according to OSC bit in Hardware Security Bit (HSB) register after Unlock IC.

By INT0 or INT1 interruption, if enabled: (standard behavioral), request on Pads must be driven low enough to ensure correct restart of the oscillator which was selected when entering in Power down.

By keyboard Interrupt if enabled: a hardware clear of the PCON.1 flag ensure the restart of the oscillator which was selected when entering in Power down when Unlock IC.

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