Unlock Encrypted Microchip PIC18F1330 Program

We can Unlock encrypted Microchip PIC18F1330 program, please view the encrypted Microchip PIC18F1330 features for your reference:
The fast-access Register File contains 32 x 8-bit general purpose working registers with a single clock cycle access time. This allows single-cycle Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) operation. In a typical ALU operation, two operands are output from the Register File, the operation is executed, and the result is stored back in the Register File – in one clock cycle when program of microchip ic has been Unlocked.
Six of the 32 registers can be used as three 16-bit indirect address register pointers for Data Space addressing – enabling efficient address calculations. One of these address pointers can also be used as an address pointer for look up tables in Flash program memory.The high performance Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) supports arithmetic and logic operations between registers or between a constant and a register if the program of ic can be unlocked.
Single register operations can also be executed. Within a single clock cycle, arithmetic operations between general purpose registers or between a register and an immediate are executed. After an arithmetic or logic operation, the
Status Register is updated to reflect information about the result of the operation.
The ALU operations are divided into three main categories – arithmetic, logical, and bit-functions. Both 8- and 16-bit arithmetic is supported, and the instruction set allows for easy implementation of 32-bit arithmetic. The ALU also provides a powerful multiplier supporting both signed and unsigned multiplication and fractional format before Unlock ic program.
When the device is powered on, the CPU starts to execute instructions from the lowest address in the Flash Program Memory ‘0’. The Program Counter (PC) addresses the next instruction to be fetched. After a reset, the PC is set to location ‘0’. Program flow is provided by conditional and unconditional jump and call instructions, capable of addressing the whole address space directly. Most AVR instructions use a 16-bit word format, while a limited number uses a 32-bit format after MICROCONTROLLER UNLOCK.