Unlock Chip with Active Photon Probing

Unlock Chip is a kind of technology which has been widely used in chip failure analysis industry, and Active photon probing has been the most populated method, when semiconductor transistor has been invented, people has found that semiconductor transistor is more sensible than the radio tube (electron tube) on the ion reflection when unlock chip. The ionizing radiation include the nuclear explosion, isotope radiation, X ray and universal radiation. In the middle of 1960s, in the experiment of pulse laser experiment, we have found the consistent light can cause similar phenomenon. And laser light can be used to stimulate different reaction of ion radiation on the semiconductors especially the Unlock Chip field. Accompany with the rapid development of science and technology, the laser base upon the expensive inert gases and rigid laser have been replaced by the semiconductor laser in low cost and applied on the Unlock Chip technology. Accompany it is the entering of laser from laboratory to the consumer electronics.

If the photons energy surpass the energy band width of semiconductor if unlock chip (>1.1eV or <1100nm), laser can ionize the specific zone of semiconductor integrated circuit when unlock chip. Wavelength is 1.06 microns laser with photon energy 1.17eV can have penetrate around 700 microns and have great performance on the ion evenness degree. However, due to the spread radiation over several microns, the focusing capability will be limited when chip unlock and the preciseness is not enough for the modern chip. Furthermore, when we shift the light from infrared to visible light zone, the capability of photon can be increased significantly and can use more thinner green or red laser light which means less energy will be required to achieve the same ionizable capability for the purpose of chip unlock.

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