Unlock Chip Encrypted Binary

Unlock Chip encrypted binary or heximal file need to have great skill, in the CMOS chip, there is one potential risk when Unlock Chip, that is the electrical circuit can be locked which will cause the open circuit and damage eternally. And when use radiation ray against the CMOS structure chip must take this point into account when Unlock Chip. In the active photon detection, a bunch of scanning photon will concentrate on the circuit of chip, when the energy of photon greater than silicon energy band and create the electron pair of holes in the semiconductor when Unlock Chip. Photon with lower energy can consistently come into effect till the end of PN but only has the thermal effect and much weak than optical photon if Unlock Chip.

Failure Analysis will need to apply great variety of laser scanning technology for unlock chip, and normally we will use the laser scanning microscopy. Although the laser scanning microscopy has great advantage on the rapid scanning and can scan each frame per second when Unlock Chip.  For those small and miniature laboratory, it is too expensive to use. As a result of that, in the experiment, we can use cheap but with lower speed laser source, and sample is movable on the XY platform. Laser generator will be attached on the camera of microscopy fixed on the workstation, and place/install the socket of chip onto the XY electrical automation platform for more economic chip unlocking. Although there will be more than 15 minutes to scan a area with 100×100 microns but it is still feasible to do the research.

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