Reverse Engineering Chip Introduction

Reverse Engineering Chip Introduction

Reverse Engineering Chip belongs to the invasive attack method, as we all known, reverse engineering chip is a complicate invasive crack and some part of this process can only be settled by very expensive lab facility. Cheap and simple reverse engineering chip method can be done by second hand testing device. As long as the sufficient patience and skill, it can be done through second hand or even self-made facilities.

Reverse Engineering Chip first step is de-capsulate the package of chip. After decapsulation, microprobe can be used for detection and attack modification. One of the most critical tools for Invasive reverse engineering chip is microprobe detection station. The main part is the special telephoto objects lens with optical microcopy. The facility has been fixed on the platform with test socket, microprobe arm can step in the unit of submicron. Microprobe has been installed on the terminal of facility which is even thinner than the width of a hair. It can touch the data bus of chip after reverse engineering without damage it.

After the chip has been de-capsulated by reverse engineering process, the aluminum wire on the top layer has been protected by a deactivation layer, it is normally silicon oxidation article or nitrogen article which has been used to protect the chip from external environment and attack by ion. The deactivation layer must be removed before the microprobe arrival for chip reverse engineering. Laser cut will be used to drill small hole on it, laser energy must be measured carefully when cut the chip. Delicate attacker can cut and expose only a single data bus which can avoid the connection with other wires accidently. The minor hole can also fix the location of microprobe to decrease the effect on vibration and temperature.

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