Reverse DSP IC Microcontroller Texas Instruments TMS320LF2401AVFA

We can clone IC Microcontroller Texas Instruments TMS320LF2401AVFA, please view below chip features for your reference:

High-Performance Static CMOS Technology

− 25-ns Instruction Cycle Time (40 MHz)

− 40-MIPS Performance

− Low-Power 3.3-V Design

Based on TMS320C2xx DSP CPU Core

− Code-Compatible With F243/F241/C242

− Instruction Set and Module Compatible

With F240

Flash (LF) and ROM (LC) Device Options

LF240xA: LF2407A, LF2406A,

LF2403A, LF2402A

− LC240xA: LC2406A, LC2404A,

LC2403A, LC2402A

On-Chip Memory

− Up to 32K Words x 16 Bits of Flash

EEPROM (4 Sectors) or ROM

Programmable “Code-Security” Feature

for the On-Chip Flash/ROM

− Up to 2.5K Words x 16 Bits of

Data/Program RAM

544 Words of Dual-Access RAM

− Up to 2K Words of Single-Access RAM

Boot ROM (LF240xA Devices)

− SCI/SPI Bootloader

Up to Two Event-Manager (EV) Modules

(EVA and EVB), Each Includes:

− Two 16-Bit General-Purpose Timers

Eight 16-Bit Pulse-Width Modulation

(PWM) Channels Which Enable:

− Three-Phase Inverter Control

− Center- or Edge-Alignment of PWM


Emergency PWM Channel Shutdown

With External PDPINTx Pin

− Programmable Deadband (Deadtime)

Prevents Shoot-Through Faults

− Three Capture Units for Time-Stamping

of External Events

− Input Qualifier for Select Pins

On-Chip Position Encoder Interface


− Synchronized A-to-D Conversion

− Designed for AC Induction, BLDC,

Switched Reluctance, and Stepper Motor


Applicable for Multiple Motor and/or

Converter Control


External Memory Interface (LF2407A)

− 192K Words x 16 Bits of Total Memory:

64K Program, 64K Data, 64K I/O

Watchdog (WD) Timer Module

10-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

− 8 or 16 Multiplexed Input Channels

500-ns MIN Conversion Time

− Selectable Twin 8-State Sequencers

Triggered by Two Event Managers

Controller Area Network (CAN) 2.0B Module

(LF2407A, 2406A, 2403A)

Serial Communications Interface (SCI)

16-Bit Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

(LF2407A, 2406A, LC2404A, 2403A)

Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL)-Based Clock


Up to 40 Individually Programmable,

Multiplexed General-Purpose Input / Output

(GPIO) Pins

Up to Five External Interrupts (Power Drive

Protection, Reset, Two Maskable Interrupts)

Power Management:

− Three Power-Down Modes

− Ability to Power Down Each Peripheral


Real-Time JTAG-Compliant Scan-Based

Emulation, IEEE Standard 1149.1† (JTAG)

Development Tools Include:

− Texas Instruments (TI) ANSI C Compiler,

Assembler/ Linker, and Code Composer

Studio Debugger

− Evaluation Modules

− Scan-Based Self-Emulation (XDS510)

− Broad Third-Party Digital Motor Control


Package Options

− 144-Pin LQFP PGE (LF2407A)

− 100-Pin LQFP PZ (2406A, LC2404A)

− 64-Pin TQFP PAG (LF2403A, LC2403A,


− 64-Pin QFP PG (2402A)

Extended Temperature Options (A and S)

− A: − 40°C to 85°C

− S: − 40°C to 125°C

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