Retrieve Microcontroller Microchip PIC24FJ16GA002 Code

We can CRACK MCU from microchip PIC24FJ16GA002 28/44-Pin General Purpose 16-Bit Flash Microcontrollers MCU, please view the IC chip features for your reference:

Graphics Controller Features:

· Three Graphics Hardware Accelerators to Facilitate

Rendering of Block Copying, Text and Unpacking of Compressed Data

· Color Look-up Table (CLUT) with Maximum of 256 Entries

· 1/2/4/8/16 bits-per-pixel (bpp) Color Depth Set at Run Time

· Display Resolution Programmable According to Frame Buffer:

РSupports direct access to external memory on devices with EPMP

– Resolution supported is up to 480×272 @ 60 Hz,¬†16 bpp; 640×480 @ 30 Hz, 16 bpp or¬†640×480 @ 60 Hz, 8 bpp

· Supports Various Display Interfaces:

4/8/16-bit Monochrome STN

– 4/8/16-bit Color STN

Р9/12/18/24-bit Color TFT (18 and 24-bit displays are connected as 16-bit, 5-6-5 RGB color format)

Universal Serial Bus Features:

· USB v2.0 On-The-Go (OTG) Compliant

¬∑ Dual Role Capable ‚Äď Can act as either Host or Peripheral

· Low-Speed (1.5 Mbps) and Full-Speed (12 Mbps) USB Operation in Host mode

· Full-Speed USB Operation in Device mode

· High-Precision PLL for USB

· Supports up to 32 Endpoints (16 bidirectional):

РUSB module can use the internal RAM location from 0x800 to 0xFFFF as USB endpoint buffers

· On-Chip USB Transceiver with Interface for Off-Chip Transceiver

· Supports Control, Interrupt, Isochronous and Bulk Transfers

· On-Chip Pull-up and Pull-Down Resistors

Peripheral Features:

· Enhanced Parallel Master Port/Parallel Slave Port (EPMP/PSP), 100-pin devices only:

РDirect access from CPU with an Extended Data Space (EDS) interface

– 4, 8 and 16-bit wide data bus

– Up to 23 programmable address lines

Up to 2 chip select lines

РUp to 2 Acknowledgement lines (one per chip select)

– Programmable address/data multiplexing

– Programmable address and data Wait states

– Programmable polarity on control signals

· Peripheral Pin Select:

– Up to 44 available pins (100-pin devices)

· Three 3-Wire/4-Wire SPI modules (supports 4 Frame modes)

¬∑ Three I2C‚ĄĘ modules Supporting Multi-Master/Slave¬†modes and 7-Bit/10-Bit Addressing

· Four UART modules:

РSupports RS-485, RS-232, LIN/J2602 protocols and IrDA

· Five 16-Bit Timers/Counters with Programmable Prescaler

· Nine 16-Bit Capture Inputs, each with a Dedicated Time Base

· Nine 16-Bit Compare/PWM Outputs, each with a Dedicated Time Base

· Hardware Real-Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC)

· Enhanced Programmable Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Generator

· Up to 5 External Interrupt Sources


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