Retrieve MCU IC Freescale Semiconductor MC9S12XDG128


We can retrieve the hex file out from MCU IC Freescale semiconductor MC9S12XDG128, please view below chip features for your reference:

The MC9S12XD family will retain the low cost, power consumption, EMC and code-size efficiency advantages currently enjoyed by users of Freescale’s existing 16-Bit MC9S12 MCU Family.

Based around an enhanced S12 core, the MC9S12XD family will deliver 2 to 5 times the performance of a 25-MHz S12 whilst retaining a high degree of pin and code compatibility with the S12.

The MC9S12XD family introduces the performance boosting XGATE module. Using enhanced DMA functionality, this parallel processing module offloads the CPU by providing high-speed data processing and transfer between peripheral modules, RAM, Flash EEPROM and I/O ports. Providing up to 80 MIPS of performance additional to the CPU, the XGATE can access all peripherals, Flash EEPROM and the RAM block.

The MC9S12XD family is composed of standard on-chip peripherals including up to 512 Kbytes of Flash EEPROM, 32 Kbytes of RAM, 4 Kbytes of EEPROM, six asynchronous serial communications interfaces (SCI), three serial peripheral interfaces (SPI), an 8-channel IC/OC enhanced capture timer, an 8-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter, a 16-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter, an 8-channel pulse-width modulator (PWM), five CAN 2.0 A, B software compatible modules (MSCAN12), two inter-IC bus blocks, and a periodic interrupt timer. The MC9S12XD family has full 16-bit data paths throughout.

The non-multiplexed expanded bus interface available on the 144-pin versions allows an easy interface to external memories The inclusion of a PLL circuit allows power consumption and performance to be adjusted to suit operational requirements. System power consumption can be further improved with the new “fast exit from stop mode” feature.

In addition to the I/O ports available in each module, up to 25 further I/O ports are available with interrupt capability allowing wake-up from stop or wait mode.

Family members in 144-pin LQFP will be available with external bus interface and parts in 112-pin LQFP or 80-pin QFP package without external bus interface. See Appendix E Derivative Differences for package options.

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