Restore Chip TOSHIBA TMP88FW45FG 8 Bit Microcontroller

We can UNLOCK MICROCONTROLLER TOSHIBA TMP88FW45FG 8 Bit Microcontroller, please view the IC Chip features for your reference:


1. 8-bit single chip microcomputer TLCS-870/X series

– Instruction execution time :

0.20 µs (at 20 MHz)

– 181 types & 842 basic instructions

2. 36 interrupt sources (External : 5 Internal : 31)

3. Input / Output ports (71 pins)

Large current output: 24pins (Typ. 20mA), LED direct drive

4. Prescaler

– Time base timer

Divider output function (DVO)

5. Watchdog Timer

Select of “internal reset request” or “interrupt request”.

6. 16-bit timer counter: 1 ch

– Timer, External trigger, Window, Pulse width measurement,

Event counter, Programmable pulse generate (PPG) modes

7. 16-bit timer/counter(CTC): 1ch

– CTC:Timer,event counter or PPG (Programmable Pulse) output

8. 8-bit timer counter : 1 ch

Timer, Event counter, Capture modes

9. 8-bit timer counter : 1 ch

– Timer, Event counter, Pulse width modulation (PWM) output,

Programmable divider output (PDO) modes

10. 8-bit timer counter : 2 ch

– Timer, Event counter, Programmable divider output (PDO),

Pulse width modulation (PWM) output,

Programmable pulse generation (PPG) modes

11. Programmable motor driver (PMD) : 2 ch

Sine wave drive circuit (built-in sine wave data-table RAM)

Rotor position detect function

Motor contro timer and capture function

Overload protective function

Auto commutation and auto position detection start function

12. 8-bit UART : 2 ch

13. 8-bit SIO: 1 ch

14. 10-bit successive approximation type AD converter

Analog input: 16 ch

15. 8-bit High-speed PWM (HPWM0 and HPWM1)

16. Clock oscillation circuit : 1 set

17. Low power consumption operation (2 modes)

– STOP mode: Oscillation stops. (Battery/Capacitor back-up.)

– IDLE mode: CPU stops.

Only peripherals operate using high frequency clock. Release by interruputs (CPU restarts).

18. Operation voltage:

4.5 V to 5.5 V at 20MHz

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