Recovery Chip Binary Technology

Chip Recovery binary Technology can be diversified as three different ways, they are un-invasive, semi-invasive and invasive chip recovery methods. And also there is a very deep blank area within the gap between un-invasive and invasive recovery, and there are a lot of technologies belongs to this chip recovery heximal method, is much cheaper than the invasive chip recovery, and its repeatibility is similar to un-invasive attack.

Semi-Invasive Chip recovery code method need to decapsulate the chip to visit and access the chip die just like invasive chip recovery method does. But it can keep the deactivation layer impact and unspoiled. Semi-invasive chip recovery doesn’t need to strip off the deactivation layer or create the internal connection without using the expensive equipment such as microprobe, focus ion beam, laser cutting, etc.

Semi-invasive chip recovery eeprom is not the whole new set of technology, decades ago in the microcontroller chip which use EEPROM or OTP rom, designer will use ultra-violet to shield the security fuse. Modern microcontroller chip seldom being recovered by this kind of technology so had been taken into consideration ever since.

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