Recover Renesas MCU UPD78F9222MC


We can recover embeded renesas microcontroller mcu UPD78F9222MC, below crack MCU UPD78F9222MC feature for your reference:

O 78K0S CPU core

O ROM and RAM capacities

O Minimum instruction execution time: 0.2 ìs (with 10 MHz@4.0 to 5.5 V operation)

O Clock


– Ceramic/crystal resonator:

– External clock:

– High-speed internal oscillator:


2 to 10 MHz (Standard product, (A) grade product)

2 to 8 MHz ((A2) grade product)

2 to 10 MHz (Standard product, (A) grade product)

2 to 8 MHz ((A2) grade product)

8 MHz ±3% (−10 to +80°C),


8 MHz ±5% (Standard product, (A) grade product: −40 to +85°C, (A2)

grade product: −40 to +125°C)

  • · Low-speed internal oscillator 240 kHz (TYP.) … Watchdog timer, timer clock in intermittent operation

O I/O ports: 17 (CMOS I/O: 15, CMOS input: 1, CMOS output: 1)

O Timer: 4 channels


  • · 16-bit timer/event counter:
  • · 8-bit timer:
  • · Watchdog timer:


1 channel … Timer output × 1, capture input × 2

2 channels … PWM output × 1

1 channel … Operable with low-speed internal oscillation clock


O Serial interface: UART (LIN (Local Interconnect Network) bus supported) 1 channel

O 10-bit resolution A/D converter: 4 channels

O On-chip power-on-clear (POC) circuit (A reset is automatically generated when the voltage drops to 2.1 V (TYP.)

or below)

O On-chip low voltage detector (LVI) circuit (An interrupt/reset (selectable) is generated when the detection voltage

is reached)

  • · Detection voltage: Selectable from ten levels between 2.35 and 4.3 V

O Single-power-supply flash memory

  • · Flash self programming enabled
  • · Software protection function: Protected from outside party copying (no flash reading command)
  • · Time required for writing by dedicated flash memory programmer: Approximately 3 seconds (4 KB)

∗ Flash programming on mass production lines supported

O Safety function

… A hang-up can be detected even if the system clock stops

  • · Supply voltage drop detectable by LVI

… Appropriate processing can be executed before the supply voltage drops below the operation voltage

  • · Equipped with option byte function

… Important system operation settings set in hardware

O Assembler and C language supported

O Enhanced development environment

  • · Support for full-function emulator (IECUBE), simplified emulator (MINICUBE2), and simulator

O Supply voltage: VDD = 2.0 to 5.5 V

∗ Use these products in the following voltage range because the detection voltage (VPOC) of the POC circuit is

the supply voltage range.

Standard product, (A) grade product: 2.2 to 5.5 V, (A2) grade product: 2.26 to 5.5 V

O Operating temperature range:

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