Recover PIC MCU Microchip PIC16C54C Flash

We can recover PIC MCU Microchip PIC16C54C Flash, PLEASE view the PIC MCU features for your reference:

Microchip offers a QTP Programming Service for factory production orders. This service is made available for users who choose not to program a medium to high quantity of units and whose code patterns have stabilized. The devices are identical to the OTP devices but with all EPROM locations and configuration bit options already programmed by the factory. Certain code and prototype verification to make this microcontroller series perfect for applications with space limitations. Low-cost, low-power, high performance, ease of use and I/O flexibility make the PIC16C5X series very versatile even in areas where no microcontroller use has been considered before (e.g., timer functions, replacement of “glue” logic in larger systems, coprocessor applications). ® PC and compatible machines when recover PIC MCU.


The high performance of the PIC16CR54C can be attributed to a number of architectural features commonly found in RISC microprocessors. To begin with, the PIC16CR54C uses a Harvard architecture in which program and data are accessed on separate buses. This improves bandwidth over traditional von Neumann architecture if recover PIC MCU where program and data are fetched on the same bus. Separating program and data memory further allows instructions to be sized differently than the 8-bit wide data word. Instruction opcodes are 12-bits wide making it possible to have all single word instructions. A 12-bit wide program memory access bus fetches a 12-bit instruction in a single cycle. A two-stage pipeline overlaps fetch and execution of instructions for recover PIC MCU. Consequently, all instructions (33) execute in a single cycle (200ns @ 20MHz) except for program branches.

The PIC16CR54C address 512 x 12 of program memory. All program memory is internal after recover PIC MCU.

The PIC16CR54C can directly or indirectly address its register files and data memory. All special function registers including the program counter are mapped in the data memory. The PIC16CR54C has a highly orthogonal (symmetrical) instruction set that makes it possible to carry out any operation on any register using any addressing mode. This symmetrical nature advantage of Microchip’s price leadership in OTP microcontrollers while benefiting from the OTP’s flexibility for the purpose of recover PIC MCU.

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