Recover MCU IC Infineon SAF-XC888CM-8FFI


We can crack MCU IC Infineon SAF-XC888CM-8FFI, please view the chip features below for your reference:


The XC886/888 has the following features:

· High-performance XC800 Core

– compatible with standard 8051 processor

– two clocks per machine cycle architecture (for memory access without wait state)

two data pointers

· On-chip memory

– 12 Kbytes of Boot ROM

– 256 bytes of RAM

1.5 Kbytes of XRAM

– 24/32 Kbytes of Flash; or

24/32 Kbytes of ROM, with additional 4 Kbytes of Flash (includes memory protection strategy)

· I/O port supply at 3.3 V or 5.0 V and core logic supply at 2.5 V (generated by embedded voltage regulator)

Power-on reset generation

Brownout detection for core logic supply

On-chip OSC and PLL for clock generation

– PLL loss-of-lock detection

Power saving modes

– slow-down mode

idle mode

– power-down mode with wake-up capability via RXD or EXINT0

– clock gating control to each peripheral

Programmable 16-bit Watchdog Timer (WDT)

Six ports

– Up to 48 pins as digital I/O

– 8 pins as digital/analog input

8-channel, 10-bit ADC

Four 16-bit timers

– Timer 0 and Timer 1 (T0 and T1)

– Timer 2 and Timer 21 (T2 and T21)

Multiplication/Division Unit for arithmetic operations (MDU)

Software libraries to support floating point and MDU calculations

CORDIC Coprocessor for computation of trigonometric, hyperbolic and linear functions

MultiCAN with 2 nodes, 32 message objects

Capture/compare unit for PWM signal generation (CCU6)

Two full-duplex serial interfaces (UART and UART1)

Synchronous serial channel (SSC)

On-chip debug support

– 1 Kbyte of monitor ROM (part of the 12-Kbyte Boot ROM)

– 64 bytes of monitor RAM


– PG-TQFP-48

– PG-TQFP-64

Temperature range TA:

– SAF (-40 to 85 °C)

– SAK (-40 to 125 °C)

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