Recover IC Chip Potential Risk

recovery ic firmware

Refers to IC chip recovery success rate, both our customers and us are all very concerned about this questions, we all want a quick one-time successful IC chip Break, but because attack IC is not a very simple process, sometimes we may encountered many unforeseen problems, even the same IC chip, designers may use different encryption methods, requires different means to copy the content inside IC chip. Here we combine our experience to talk about these possibilities of failure during IC hack.

Recover an IC do have probability of failure, according to our experience and concerning about the probability, there is about 1% of failure probability when recover an IC chip, there is 0.3% probability of damage mother IC chip. Therefore, we can not either guarantee 100% is successful, or guarantee 100% doesn’t destroy or damage mother IC chip, please carefully take this risk into consideration.

But we conduct a careful summary about the failure of IC clone (those parts involve our core technologies are not listed), and engage in a series of measures to reduce this probability to greatest level, the current probability of failure has become lower and lower, furthermore we promise not charge customers any fees if recover IC Chip content fail.

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