Read Microcontroller Chip Fujitsu MB90F549

We can unlock microcontroller chip fujitsu MB90F549, please view below MCU features for your reference:


· Clock

Embedded PLL clock multiplication circuit

Operating clock (PLL clock) can be selected from: divided-by-2 of oscillation or one to four times the oscillation

Minimum instruction execution time: 62.5 ns (operation at oscillation of 4 MHz, four times the oscillation clock,

VCC of 5.0V)

Subsystem Clock: 32 kHz

Instruction set to optimize controller applications

Rich data types (bit, byte, word, long word)

Rich addressing mode (23 types)

Enhanced signed multiplication/division instruction and RETI instruction functions

Enhanced precision calculation realized by the 32-bit accumulator

· Instruction set designed for high level language (C language) and multi-task operations

Adoption of system stack pointer

Enhanced pointer indirect instructions

Barrel shift instructions

· Program patch function (for two address pointers)

· Enhanced execution speed: 4-byte Instruction queue

· Enhanced interrupt function: 8 levels, 34 factors

· Automatic data transmission function independent of CPU operation

Extended intelligent I/O service function (EI2OS)

· Embedded ROM size and types

Flash ROM: 128 Kbytes / 256 Kbytes

Embedded RAM size: 6 Kbytes / 8 Kbytes (evaluation chip)

· Flash ROM

Supports automatic programming, Embedded Algorithm TM*

Write / Erase / Erase-Suspend / Resume commands

A flag indicating completion of the algorithm

Hard-wired reset vector available in order to point to a fixed boot sector in Flash Memory

Erase can be performed on each block

Block protection with external programming voltage

· Low-power consumption (stand-by) mode

Sleep mode (mode in which CPU operating clock is stopped)

Stop mode (mode in which oscillation is stopped)

CPU intermittent operation mode

Clock mode

Hardware stand-by mode

· Process

0.5 µm CMOS technology

· I/O port

General-purpose I/O ports: 81 ports

· Timer

Watchdog timer: 1 channel

8/16-bit PPG timer: 8/16-bit × 4 channels

16-bit re-load timer: 2 channels

· 16-bit I/O timer

16-bit free-run timer: 1 channel

Input capture: 8 channels

Output compare: 4 channels

· Extended I/O serial interface: 1 channel

· UART 0

With full-duplex double buffer (8-bit length)

Clock asynchronized or clock synchronized (with start/stop bit) transmission can be selectively used.


With full-duplex double buffer (8-bit length)

Clock asynchronized or clock synchronized serial (extended I/O serial) can be used.

· External interrupt circuit (8 channels)

A module for starting an extended intelligent I/O service (EI2OS) and generating an external interrupt which

is triggered by an external input.

· Delayed interrupt generation module

Generates an interrupt request for switching tasks.

· 8/10-bit A/D converter (8 channels)

8/10-bit resolution can be selectively used.

Starting by an external trigger input.

Conversion time: 26.3 µs

· FULL-CAN interfaces

MB90540 series: 2 channel

MB90545 series: 1 channel

Conforming to Version 2.0 Part A and Part B

Flexible message buffering (mailbox and FIFO buffering can be mixed)

· External bus interface: Maximum address space 16 Mbytes

*: Embedded Algorithm is a trade mark of Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

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