Read IC Chip


When unlock microcontroller content or memory, PIC series microcontroller from MICROCHIP is one of the most popular microcontrollers in the world.

From view of read IC technology, PIC series microcontroller can be divided as two types:

1 General PIC microcontroller;

2 High-end security newly PIC microcontroller;

As we all know, the old series of PIC microcontroller can use ultraviolet radiation to read the IC and the process is relatively easier than others. As a result of that, the updated PIC microcontroller engage the most advanced manufacturing technology, at the same time, its encryption circuit is completely get rid of the traditional encryption principle, we can even say the updated PIC microcontroller’s encryption technology has already surpassed the ARM IC and DSP IC.

Accompany with the development of updated PIC microcontroller, due to its beyond security property, more and more engineers start to use PIC microcontroller.

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