Read IC Firmware Method

Read IC embedded firmware method

Read IC embedded firmware can through the visiting on the interface signals and access protocol. Likewise, if the security protocol being executed incorrectly will leave the potential for IC read. Some microcontroller IC and smartcard IC has the interface left by manufacturer for the purpose of testing, they can be used to visit the memorizer in the IC or allow manufacturer to test the components and even read IC. If the cracker can find these interfaces, it will be easier to read the content from IC.

The general test circuit information was kept by manufacturer, IC cracker can input different voltage and logic potential on the pinout to force the IC enter the test mode for reading. This method is called IC read. Sometimes is quite useful for microcontroller, but the smartcard test circuit will be damaged after the program load into the IC. Likewise, the embedded software upgration function must capable of prevent the unauthorized assess code visiting or these code can be read IC only after encrypted.

Except ROM, it is not common to read IC stored information from single microcontroller is rare to see. The stored data in the IC can be read through the data bus, if so all the datas will be emerged in the same location. Microprobe can be used to search the data bus and record the value which has been found.

In order to read IC without using the software, we can modify part of the processor, such as address calculator to read IC’s memorizer. Program calculator will add up after each cycle, for the purpose of next IC reading. We can only prevent the processor jumping, read or readback the instruction, these instruction will disorder the normal sequency of calculator when read IC. So it is easy to cut the metal connection by laser and make minor medication on the order decode or program calculator to achieve the purpose of IC read.

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