Read Chip PIC12CE518 Binary

We can Read Chip PIC12CE518 Binary, please view the CHIP PIC12CE518 features for your reference:

As a program instruction is executed, the Program Counter (PC) will contain the address of the next program instruction to be executed. The PC value is increased by one every instruction cycle, unless an instruction changes the PC when Read Chip .

For a GOTO instruction, bits 8:0 of the PC are provided by the GOTO instruction word. The PC Latch (PCL) is mapped to PC<7:0>. Bit 5 of the STATUS register provides page information to bit 9 of the PC (Figure 4- 8) if Read Chip.

For a CALL instruction, or any instruction where the PCL is the destination, bits 7:0 of the PC again are provided by the instruction word. However, PC<8> does not come from the instruction word, but is always cleared (Figure 4-8) if Read Chip.

Instructions where the PCL is the destination, or Modify PCL instructions, include MOVWF PC, ADDWF PC, and BSF PC,5.

The Program Counter is set upon a RESET, which means that the PC addresses the last location in the last page i.e., the oscillator calibration instruction. After executing MOVLW XX, the PC will roll over to location 00h, and begin executing user code after Read Chip.

The STATUS register page preselect bits are cleared upon a RESET, which means that page 0 is pre-selected.

Therefore, upon a RESET, a GOTO instruction will automatically cause the program to jump to page 0 until the value of the page bits is altered. PIC12C5XX devices have a 12-bit wide L.I.F.O. hardware push/pop stack before Read Chip.

A CALL instruction will push the current value of stack 1 into stack 2 and then push the current program counter value, incremented by one, into stack level 1. If more than two sequential CALL’s are executed, only the most recent two return addresses are stored when Read Chip.

ARETLW instruction will pop the contents of stack level 1 into the program counter and then copy stack level contents into level 1. If more than two sequential RETLW’s are executed, the stack will be filled with the address previously stored in level 2 if Read Chip. Note that the W register will be loaded with the literal value specified in the instruction. This is particularly useful for the implementation of data look-up tables within the program memory.

Upon any reset, the contents of the stack remain unchanged, however the program counter (PCL) will also be reset to Read Chip.

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