Pull RENESAS Microcontroller R5F72115D160FPV 32-Bit RISC Microcomputer

We can Unlock Microcontroller R5F72115D160FPV 32-Bit RISC Microcomputer embedded information out the encrypted system, please view the IC chip features for your reference:




Renesas Technology original SuperH architecture


Compatible with SH-1 and SH-2 at object code level

32-bit internal data bus

Support of an abundant register-set

Sixteen 32-bit general registers

⎯ Four 32-bit control registers

⎯ Four 32-bit system registers

⎯ Register bank for high-speed response to interrupts

RISC-type instruction set (upward compatible with SH series)

⎯ Instruction length: 16-bit fixed-length basic instructions for improved code efficiency and 32-bit instructions for high performance and usability

⎯ Load/store architecture

⎯ Delayed branch instructions

⎯ Instruction set based on C language

Superscalar architecture to execute two instructions at one time

Instruction execution time: Up to two instructions/cycle

Address space: 4 Gbytes

Internal multiplier

Five-stage pipeline

Operating modes

Operating modes


Extended ROM enabled mode

Single-chip mode

Processing states

Program execution state

Exception handling state

Bus mastership release state

Power-down modes

Sleep mode


ROM cache

Instruction/data separation system

Instruction prefetch cache: Full/set associative

Instruction prefetch miss cache: Full/set associative

Data cache: Full/set associative

Line size: 16 bytes

Hardware prefetch function (continuous/branch prefetch)

Interrupt controller

Nine external interrupt pins (NMI and IRQ7 to IRQ0) (INTC)

On-chip peripheral interrupts: Priority level set for each module 16 priority levels available

Register bank enabling fast register saving and restoring in interrupt processing

Bus state controller

Address space divided into eight areas (0 to 7), each a maximum of 64 (BSC) Mbytes

External bus: 8 or 16 bits

The following features settable for each area independently

⎯ Supports both big endian and little endian for data access

⎯ Bus size (8 or 16 bits): Available sizes depend on the area.

⎯ Number of access wait cycles (different wait cycles can be specified for read and write access cycles in some areas)

⎯ Idle wait cycle insertion (between same area access cycles or different area access cycles)

⎯ Specifying the memory to be connected to each area enables direct connection to SRAM, SRAM with byte selection, SDRAM, and burst ROM (clocked synchronous or asynchronous). The address/data multiplexed I/O (MPX) interface is also available.

⎯ Outputs a chip select signal (CS0 to CS7) according to the target area (CS assert or negate timing can be selected by software) SDRAM refresh

Auto refresh or self refresh mode selectable SDRAM burst access

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