Pull MCU IC STMicroelectronics ST72F324BJ

We can CRACK MCU STMicroelectronics ST72F324BJ – 8-bit MCU, 3.8 to 5.5 V operating range with 8 to 32 Kbyte Flash/ROM, 10-bit ADC, 4 timers, SPI, SCI mcu ic dump information from it, please see below chip features for your reference:




8 to 32 Kbyte dual voltage High Density Flash

(HDFlash) or ROM with readout protection

capability. In-application programming and In-

384 bytes to 1 Kbyte RAM


HDFlash endurance: 1 kcycles at 55 °C, data

retention 40 years at 85°C

Clock, reset and supply management

Enhanced low voltage supervisor (LVD) with

programmable reset thresholds and auxiliary

voltage detector (AVD) with interrupt capability

Clock sources: crystal/ceramic resonator

oscillators, int. RC osc. and ext. clock input

PLL for 2x frequency multiplication

4 power saving modes: Slow, Wait, Active Halt,

and Halt

Main clock controller with Real-time base,

Beep and Clock-out capabilities

Configurable watchdog timer

16-bit Timer A with 1 input capture, 1 output

compare, ext. clock input, PWM and pulse

generator modes

16-bit Timer B with 2 input captures, 2 output

compares, PWM and pulse generator modes


Interrupt management

Nested interrupt controller. 10 interrupt vectors

plus TRAP and RESET. 9/6 ext. interrupt lines

(on 4 vectors)


SPI synchronous serial interface

SCI asynchronous serial interface

Up to 32 I/O ports

1 analog peripheral (low current coupling)

32/24 multifunctional bidirectional I/Os,


10-bit ADC with up to 12 input ports


22/17 alternate function lines,

12/10 high sink outputs


In-circuit testing capability

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