Protected Microcontroller PIC16F871 Source Code Cracking

We can execute Protected Microcontroller PIC16F871 Source Code Cracking, please view the Microcontroller PIC16F871 features for your reference:
The WREN bit, when set, will allow a write operation to data EEPROM. On power-up, the WREN bit is clear. The WRERR bit is set when a write operation is interrupted by a MCLR or a WDT Time-out Reset during normal operation.
In these situations, following Reset, the user can check the WRERR bit and rewrite the location. The data and address will be unchanged in the EEDATL and EEADRL registers. Interrupt flag bit EEIF (PIR1<7>), is set when write is complete.
It must be cleared in the software. EECON2 is not a physical register. Reading EECON2 will read all ‘0’s. The EECON2 register is used exclusively in the data EEPROM write sequence. To read a data memory location, the user must write the address to the EEADRL register, clear the EEPGD control bit (EECON1<7>), and then set control bit RD (EECON1<0>) before Protected Microcontroller PIC16F871 Source Code Cracking.
The data is available in the very next cycle, in the EEDATL register; therefore, it can be read in the next instruction. EEDATL will hold this value until another read or until it is written to by the user (during a write operation). To write an EEPROM data location, the user must first write the address to the EEADRL register and the data to the EEDATL register. Then the user must follow a specific sequence to initiate the write for each byte. The write will not initiate if the sequence described below is not followed exactly (write 55h to EECON2, write AAh to EECON2, then set WR bit) for each byte.
Interrupts should be disabled during this code segment. Additionally, the WREN bit in EECON1 must be set to enable write. This mechanism prevents accidental writes to data EEPROM due to errant (unexpected) code execution (i.e., lost programs). The user should keep the WREN bit clear at all times, except when updating EEPROM. The WREN bit is not cleared by hardware when Protected Microcontroller PIC16F871 Source Code Cracking.