Microcontroller Recover Memorizer

Microcontroller recover memorizer is operated by the stored program, alongside with the development of memorizer in the microcontroller, most of them are becoming more difficult to recover the flash program, most of the modern microcontroller is made by complementary metal oxidation semiconductor. Memorizer on the microcontroller can be recovered might be CMOS type like the SRAM and some of EEPROM or MOS type. MOS type has better performance and smaller size.

Microcontroller in the early day use mask ROM and the programmable memorizer wiped out by ultraviolet to store the firmware. Use SRAM to store the firmware and recover microcontroller. Mask ROM still being widely used in the market where mass order and low cost is required. General there is no silkscreen marking on the surface of microcontroller and just the brand of manufacturer. And there is software version number on the ROM from internal factory pre-program.

Mask ROM has extremely good function, but it can’t be programmed and microcontroller recover can be done. The mask ROM also can’t be updated. There is two ways for UV EPROM microcontroller: there is ceramic footprint with quartz windows, and microcontroller can be recovered and all the firmware can be wipe out and re-program. Another way is standard plastic package for mass production, so call OTP (One Time Programmable). UV EPROM microcontroller also has its inconvenient point: when recover and program the microcontroller, high voltage is required; only one bit or one byte is allowed to write in, which will cause the time length of whole microcontroller programming. Even if the erasable version microcontroller for recovering can withstand only several hundreds of programming, when erase the microcontroller, it need to place under the ultraviolet for around 20 to 30 minutes.

SRAM can be recovered and, read/write swiftly which can be applied on the microcontroller required frequently recover and upgrade as program memorizer. Such as USB 2.0 microcontroller C7Y68013 from CYPRESS. SRAM has also been applied DALLAS semiconductor for recovering since in the condition of recovering, shorter time length is required.

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