Motorola Microcontroller IC Chip Unlock Technology

Motorola Microcontroller IC chip unlock technology is one of the most populated unlock IC chip technologies in this industry. In the early day of microcontroller, source code will be hand over to microcontroller IC chip manufacturer and produce it to MASK ROM. There are two ways of encryption mechanism, one is completely damage the function of code reading, no matter it is developer or user, both of which can’t read the code forever. In the perspective of security, it is a very safe way since microcontroller IC chip unlock engineer can crack it anymore nor check the source code inside the ROM. Another way is read the code off the record, manufacturer can still read the code, this way can save the possibility of code inspection but can’t be defined as a real way of encryption since the existence of microcontroller IC unlock possibility.

Theoretically speaking, from one side the developer want to encrypt the microcontroller IC chip as secure as possible, from other side they hope to keep the possibility of code inspection which is a conflicting requests from both sides.

Since the widely application of FLASH technology, microcontroller IC chip manufacturer start to use different kinds of encryption methods. Compare with MASK ROM microcontroller IC chip, online programmable features of FLASH ROM can make the unlock ways more diverse and flexible. In the FLASH microcontroller IC chip, encrypt and unlock microcontroller IC chip are all through programming the FLASH ROM to complete. User himself can modify the content of ROM online and even write a small program to encrypt or unlock the microcontroller IC chip. And download the user program into microcontroller IC chip accompany with the small program. ON LONE modify the content of flash ROM.

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