Microcontroller Decipher Protection

Microcontroller Decipher protection method has been the discussing subject of microcontroller manufacturer and designer, as well as the professor from the academic institute. Today we would like to introduce several common decipher protection method: through the interface on the programmer can write, validate, read and erase the program in the memorizer of microcontroller, this operation can be done by JTAG or boot-loader. In view of hardware, security protection of microcontroller decipher usually apply the security fuse to control the interface, such as hold back the data in the memorizer being sent to output bumper. As the software, normally will use password protection for microcontroller decipher but normally the hardware security fuse state can be detected by software. Some microcontrollers use both of ways, start the software and load in module control system program for decipher microcontroller, another swift hardware interface is used for mass production programming. Everyone method has its own kind of advantage and disadvantage, through software, has better flexibility and program control ability, but information could probably leaked in the aspect of time delay and power consumption when decipher microcontroller. Hardware execution rate is quick and but has a thick skin on the noise microcontroller decipher and no information will leak by power consumption. For modern microcontroller decipher, compare with other bigger part of program which used as memorizer like processor and analog interface, it can almost be omitted. Manufacturer can design two or above programmable interface. If through asynchronic interface to program by inline series program, standard parallel programme, software startup of microcontroller decipher can activate the module through asynchronic interface program.


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