Microcontroller Crack Prevention Method

Microcontroller Crack Method, electronic product designers are all want to protect their intellectual property from stealing by cracker and normally they will apply below methods on their microcontrollers:


1 Request the microcontroller manufacturer to switch the pin and package and make it different from the pin sequence described on the datasheet so cracker can’t get the correct information;


2 Change the silkscreen marking on the surface of microcontroller so the cracker can’t figure it out easily what’s the true identity of it and this can prevent the low level crack out of door, for example: change HTXXXX to MDTXXXX or PICXXXX to ATXXXX;


3 Use the multilayer printed circuit board and make the electronic circuit layout design as complex as possible;


4 Use RESIN+GLASS EPOXY with protein to cover on the microcontroller, the microcontroller will be broken if the protect shield being crack and damaged;


5 Add protective program into the microcontroller, for instance, EMXXX pin number 2 will be suspected and if there is any trace of voltage being loaded onto this pin from external cracker, the flash content inside the microcontroller will be erased immediately.


6 Some microcontrollers, designer can consider use the naked one as substitute;


7 Use great high voltage and current to melt down some port and terminal like the reset, clock or even the port connect to fuse bit.

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