Microcontroller Break Introduction

Microcontroller Break is also called microcontroller crack, IC crack, IC attack, theorectically speaking all of these calling are not correct, since the microcontroller will include breaking CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device), break DSP (Digital Signal Processor), MCU (Micro Controller Unit) breaking, and ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) break. Microcontroller just a general saying about the whole set of ICs, all of these microcontroller mentioned above can be programmed the firmware include binary or heximal, and there are also some ASIC microcontroller designed specific to prevent the break.

Microcontroller has internal EEPROM or FLASH area where user can place the program or work data inside it. In order to prevent the unauthorized access or break the internal firmware by breaking it, most of the microcontrollers will have encrypted lock or encrypted bits to protect the microcontroller being break.

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